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Air Mauritius Helicopter Transport to your Residence.

Air Mauritius - Helicopter Transport   Transfer—SSR International Airport
Extend your journey with our premium transfer service. Save driving hours and transfer directly from the airport to your hotel and vice versa in just a few minutes, whilst experiencing the beaty of Mauritius from the air.
Experience the beauty of the island and feast your eyes with enchanting views of picture postcard transparent lagoons, pristine coastline, undulating sugar cane fields and other spectacular sceneries. Tours range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, whereby the itinerary depends on the flight duration, helipad location and weather conditions. Customised tours can also be organised.

Heli - Lunch 
This is a one hour sight-seeing tour coupled with a stop-over for lunch at one of the hotels/ restaurants with helipad facility

Heli – Golf
Fly to some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in Mauritius. Within minutes, you can tee off and walk through the fascinating surrounding. 

Photo - Filming
This provides you with the opportunity to take 
video or photographs during the helicopter flight. 

Direct Transfer between airport and hotel : Fare Rs 18,800 ( ap. 420 Euro) 
Sight-Seeing Tour (from Airport)
15 Min: Rs 11,000 (ap. 245 Euro)
30 Min: Rs 25,000  (ap. 550 Euro)
45 Min or Heli-Lunch: Rs 32,000 (ap. 700 Euro)
Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius - Helikopter

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Air Mauritius - Helikopter
Air Mauritius Helikopter
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